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Sage Instant Accounts V12

Whats new in Sage Instant Accounts v12?

New and improved features include:

  • New - Process Maps: Making it even easier to undertake tasks, with a step-by step process guide
  • New - Dashboard View: Providing an instant update on how each area of your business is performing (Instant Accounts Plus)
  • New - Quotes and Improved Invoices: Create and customise quotations and invoices quickly and easily
  • New - Flexible Discounts: View and change discounts at the touch of a button. Plus, you can now apply one-off discounts to individual items, or apply reductions across the board
  • New - Irish VAT Cash Accounting: Now supported
  • Improved - Lists and Smart Columns: Bring information together in logical groups for quicker, easier operation
  • Improved - Bank Reconciliation: Allows you to save a reconciliation part way through, view your matched transactions at a glance and keep a PDF image of each reconciliation
Working With Sage Instant Accounts

  • My Business Set Up: Save time when setting up your new system and choose a configuration that suits your business type
  • Easy Navigation: Move around your accounts system quickly and easily
  • Smart Link: 'Hot Link' directly to information related to the transaction you are working on
  • Task Based Navigation: Customise your accounting system by grouping tasks together according to the way the business works and creating shortcuts to the functions you use most often
  • Enhanced Manual & Help System: Get a quick understanding of the principles underlying Instant Accounts and the key tasks you will undertake
  • Enhanced Data Entry Grids: Select only the information you need to see, hide the rest
  • Smart Totals: Highlighted figures are automatically totalled, meaning you don’t have to get out your calculator
  • Enhanced Invoicing: The system remembers your invoice settings from your last session, letting you pick up where you left off
  • Instant access to recently run reports

Working With Your Accounts

  • Graphical presentation of information makes Sage Instant Accounts even easier to use
  • Full access and control over your accounts will put you in a strong position to make confident, informed decisions
  • Nominal Ledger - Forms the basis of your Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports
  • Accounts Analyser - Get an immediate snapshot of the financial position of your business and drill down to gain more detailed information
  • Bank (Cash Book) - Record and view bank transactions quickly and easily
  • Full Integration with Microsoft Office - Export information into Microsoft Word, Excel or Outlook
  • Basic Credit Control - Monitor how long it is taking your customers to settle their accounts with the Aged Debtors report
  • Report Designer - Customise report layouts to present your information the way you need to. Sage Instant Accounts Plus offers a more powerful tool, the Advanced Report Designer, which allows you to design and run reports to access the information you need to manage your particular business
  • PDF Generation - The report generation capability of Instant Accounts now includes PDF output, to help you share information
  • The Accountants Link provides efficient transfer of Instant Accounts data between you and your accountant over the internet – with corrections automatically completed at the touch of a button
  • Audit Assistant - Approved by HMRC, the Audit Assistant means you can be fully prepared for every audit
  • Transaction e-Mail - Send and receive invoices, sales orders and purchase orders

Manage Your Finances

Prepare your regular financial reports quickly and easily. As soon as you have entered your first transactions you can use the Financials option to study how your business is performing.

  • Run Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet Reports at the touch of a button
  • Prepare your VAT Return in hours instead of days, using a screen designed to mirror your VAT Return
  • Make Journal Entries for irregular transactions to ensure your accounts remain accurate


Manage Your Products & Services

Store all of the information on the products and services you sell in one place, so it’s just a couple of clicks away when you need it.

  • Product List Access - View a list of all your stock items at the touch of a button
  • Product Records  - Store all the details associated with a stock item
  • Basic Stock Control - Run stock takes and keep a detailed track of the movement and pricing of your stock (Instant Accounts Plus)


Manage Your Customers & Suppliers

Manage Your Customers

  • Customer List - Access a comprehensive list of all your customers, giving you access to all of their details at the touch of a button
  • Drill down to individual Customer Records to view all of your customers’ details and their purchase history in both tabular and graphical forms
  • Pricing and Discounting - Encourage prompt payment by giving your customers early settlement discounts
  • Currency Calculator - Easily convert between trading currencies

Manage Your Suppliers

  • The Supplier List allows you to store extensive information for each supplier, including contact information, credit details, trading terms and account restrictions.
  • Supplier Record - Analyse a suppliers’ invoices, credits and payments by month.
  • View a suppliers’ activity on accounts, from entering batch invoices and credits to displaying supplier balances over a given time period.

Quotations & Invoices
Create quotations and invoices in the system as easily as filling in forms.

  • Customise quotations and invoices by incorporating your company logo and contact details
  • e-Mail quotation and invoices to potential customers, to speed up the process of acquiring new customers
  • Understand the status and value of all of your quotations from the List View: how many quotations you have won, lost or still need to follow-up
  • Convert quotations into invoices at the touch of a button, without having to re-key information

Flexible Discounts
Sage Instant Accounts v12 makes it even easier to provide a clear indication of any discounts you allow:

  • View and change discounts as you create quotes and invoices
  • Apply one-off discounts to individual items, or reductions across the board


Feature List

  Instant Accounts Instant Accounts Plus

Easy to Set-Up and Use

My Business Set-Up tick tick
New Easy Navigation tick tick
New Step-by-Step Process Maps tick tick
Improved Smart Columns tick tick
Manage Your Customers & Suppliers
Customer & Supplier Lists tick tick
Customer & Supplier Records tick tick
New Customisable Quotations & Invoices tick tick
Improved Flexible Discounting tick tick
Transaction e-Mail* tick tick
Credit Control tick tick
Manage Your Business
Audit Assistant tick tick
Accountant Link tick tick
Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet Reports tick tick
VAT Returns tick tick
Accounts Analyser & Graphs tick tick
Integrates with Microsoft Office** tick tick
Integrates with Instant Payroll, ACT! and Instant Forecasting tick tick
PDF Generation tick tick
Improved Bank Reconciliation tick tick
Customisable Reporting tick tick
New Irish VAT Cash Accounting tick tick
New Dashboards   tick
Multi User Ready***   tick
Manage Your Products
Product List tick tick
Product Records tick tick
Stock Management   tick

* Additional charges apply to non-SageCover members.
** Export information into Microsoft Word, Excel & Outlook 2000 and above.
*** Maximum 2 users. Additional charge applies.

Sage Instant Payroll V12

Processing employees’ payments is something every employer has to do. 

With the introduction of complex payroll legislation over recent years, employers are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the amount of paperwork involved in processing payments manually, not to mention the need to keep up with the changes to legislation and the many calculations involved.

Designed specifically for small business in the UK, Sage Instant Payroll is a simple, easy to use package that enables you to process your employees’ wages without the need to understand the complexities of payroll legislation. 

Even without prior experience, you can set up and run Sage Instant Payroll easily and quickly. 

With all gross and net pay, tax, National Insurance and all statutory payments and deductions calculated automatically, you will have more time to concentrate on growing your business.

Suitable for upto 15 Employees (including leavers).

Features and Benefits

Manage your employees

Employee Personal details enables you to keep all employee information in one place for easy access and allows you to print out complete employee records.

Absence and Holiday Diary records all your employee absences from work and provides detailed reports for management purposes.

Manage your processing

All Payments and Deductions can be made subject to tax, National Insurance, pensions, attachments etc.

Maintain Employees Payments allows you to calculate and record all the information you wish to appear on a payslip by automatically deducting the tax and national insurance.

Statutory reports allows you to automatically produce reports including P11s, P32s and P45s.

Enhanced Nominal Link enables departmental payments to be posted to separate nominal codes in the profit and loss and balance sheet.

Tax Year End processing streamlines a necessary but often time consuming task, saving you time and money. Easy to follow checklists guide you through tax year-end reports and allows Internet submission of year-end reports.

Statutory Sick, Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Pay records information for any employee who is absent. It provides automatic calculation of how much should be paid each period, saving you time and reducing errors.

Holiday pay automatically calculates tax and national insurance when paying holiday pay in advance. The employee will not receive any further payments until they return.

Pensions enables you to apply any pension scheme including stakeholders, to an employees record.

Attachments allows you to record attachment of earnings orders for any employee. It allows you to automatically calculate how much should be paid to the employee each pay period.

Tax Credits allows you to record tax credits which are a benefit for families on low incomes within the program.

Student Loans calculates and deducts from your employees salary the amount needed to pay off their loans.

Net to Gross Payments allows you to enter the take home pay for an employee and the system will calculate the tax, national insurance and gross pay.

Year End Internet Submissions allows you to submit your Year End returns to the Inland Revenue via the Internet. This saves time printing and sending the Year End returns.

Help files and Wizards aid you in certain routines, making the program even easier to use.

Back-up information will enable you to follow a rigorous back-up policy.

Legislation settings enables you to manually update National Insurance parameters.

Automatic Pay Date Prediction will allow you to automatically predict the next pay date based on your employees pay frequency and the last date you finished the payroll.

e-Banking allows you to make BACS payments for employee wages and Inland Revenue payments. Please note that this feature may carry an additional cost.

Security password protected.

Manage your reporting

Historical Payslips and Reports allows you to reprint or view payslips from data stored within the tax year.

Software updates allows you to check for the latest version of the In Year Submissions.

Manage your Administration

In Year Submissions allows you to submit and receive day-to-day payroll administration to and from the Inland Revenue. Any amendments received can be applied directly to the employee records without having to key the information.

Internet Submissions


The faster way to submit information and payments
The Inland Revenue is introducing changes to improve the way you submit information and payments. They are continually developing their online services to save you time completing, printing and submitting statutory forms. This provides you with the benefits of an easier, more efficient service.

The future of Payroll Year End submissions
Internet submission of Payroll Year End P35 and P14 information will become mandatory for all companies by 2010. Penalties will be incurred for any employer who does not meet their mandatory date for submission.

Save time with more efficient services
To benefit from the great time saving, more efficient services from the Inland Revenue, you will need an Internet connection, to register with the Government gateway at and accredited or quality tested software to deliver your information.


Easier, quicker Payroll Year End procedures
Prepare now and save time with the latest Sage payroll version 10 range. Internet Submissions can speed up time consuming processes at Payroll Year End, providing an efficient method of securely delivering accurate information to the Inland Revenue. The Sage payroll range now entitles you to an Internet Submission module, so whether it is mandatory for you to submit or not, you can benefit from the most efficient, time saving services.

Small companies can enjoy rewards of up to £575
If you are a small company* then you could earn up to £575 from the Inland Revenue if you begin submitting electronically from 2005/2006. Visit to see whether you can claim up to £575 reward over a period of five years.

Number of employees in the PAYE scheme**
1st year of compulsory filing
Which Return?
Large - 250 or more
2004/05 End of Year
19 May 2005
Medium - Between 50 and 249
2005/06 End of Year
19 May 2006
Small - Less than 50
2009/10 End of Year
19 May 2010


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