Sage Line 50 Payroll

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Sage Line 50 Payroll

Accredited by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), SageLine 50 Payroll 2008 is the UK’s market-leading payroll software for small to medium-sized businesses.

Sage Line 50 Payroll 2008 contains everything you need to run an effective and compliant payroll, putting you firmly in control of both your payroll process and your employee information.

And don’t forget, it will be soon become mandatory for you to submit your in-year and year-end forms, such as P45s, to HMRC electronically. Sage Line 50 Payroll 2008 helps you to do this easily, and with complete confidence.

Features and Benefits

  • HMRC accreditation:
    Sage Payroll 2008 calculations meet the latest legislation requirements for accurate calculations of tax and National Insurance
  • Improved links with Sage Line 50: Sage Payroll 2008 has improved links to Sage Line 50 so you can update your accounts with your payroll payments
  • Improved calculations for extra pay:
    Automate extra payments for your staff and reduce the time you spend calculating double time, tax-free payments, percentage bonuses and extra pay
  • Microsoft® Integration:
    Sage Payroll 2007 offers Excel Integrated Reporting, which lets you access and analyse your payroll data using Microsoft Excel
  • Choice of payment frequency:
    Pay staff on whatever basis you choose and cater for multiple payroll intervals
  • Improved holiday management:
    Helps you to manage all your employees’ holidays and calculate entitlement
  • Extra time at Payroll Year End:
    Sage Payroll 2007 allows you to install your new tax year update and continue to process your new payroll tax year
  • e-Banking:
    Lets you instruct payments for both employees and HMRC to your internet banking services from your software*
  • Manage flexible working:
    Comply with the European Working Time Directive and Employment Rights Act
  • Management reporting:
    Store and print copies of statutory reports for up to seven years and run payroll reports by Financial Year, rather than by the payroll tax year
  • Track changes:
    Monitor changes and access the information you need when creating reports or preparing for audits and HMRC inspections
  • Online submissions:
    A secure mailbox lets you to send and receive information from HMRC electronically

* e-Banking is include as standard for the first 12 months but to continue to receive annual updates you must either have SageCover or pay an annual fee.

Reasons to Buy

Choose Sage Payroll 2008 if:

  • You manage your payroll manually and are finding it increasingly time consuming
  • You need to submit your year-end returns online to meet HMRC regulations
  • You are outsourcing your payroll and wish to control your payroll costs in-house
  • You have taken on more employees and outgrown your current payroll software
  • You employ less than 50 employees and wish to take advantage of the HMRC incentive to file on line




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